About us

Why Choose Toms Clean?

You can avail the services offered by Sydney Toms clean with a single call. Our sales and customer service reps are always there to refer to you the best teams out there in the field for your specific Toms clean requirements. The benefits of choosing Sydney Toms Clean as your Toms cleaning service provider are manifold. Our cleaners are certified and highly qualified professionals who are always available in case you need same-day/emergency services. Our services come at very affordable rates as compared to the market rates. We employ the methods and cleaning agents that are both eco-friendly as well as a good fit with the fabrics of your sofas and couches. Our methods and procedures provide you with the effective elimination of germs and ensure healthy air for you and your family. We provide 24/7 availability all year round so you can book services whenever you feel the need.

Why Hire Professional Leather Couch Cleaning Sydney?

Leather couches are one of the most important pieces of furniture that you own. They are usually quite expensive and manufactured using delicate and often rare material. Conventional cleaning techniques used by people at their homes for leather-based furniture are generally inadequate and sometimes counterproductive to successfully removing stains and smudges from their leather upholstery. There is often a great risk of damage to the delicate leather. Therefore, professional Leather Couch and Sofa Cleaning Sydney services are at your disposal for your leather Toms cleaning needs.