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Mold Removal

When your home’s moisture levels are high, your leather upholstery becomes susceptible to mold growth and the spread of spores. Mould is seemingly a harmless fungus that slowly deteriorates the air quality inside your house and the leather surfaces on your upholstery. Once it starts spreading on the leather surface, it can cause serious and sometimes irreversible damage to the leather. You’ll need to be on the lookout for any signs of mold growth on your leather furniture and call us for professional help if you find the mold spreading. Our expert cleaners are well-trained professionals equipped with the skills and tools to deal with any mold removal from your leather couches and sofas safely and effectively, without damaging or discoloring the surface.

Mould is one of leather’s main foes. However, it’s not hard to fix and get rid of completely. To make your vintage leather furniture mold-free, you’ll need professional help. We follow the steps described below to eradicate mold and prevent it from returning.

  • Isolate the infested leather furniture: It’s terrifying when you realize that one spore of mold is enough for an all-out outbreak of infestation. Before we tidy up your mold infected leather upholstery, we need to go outdoors. That way, we can keep the spores from spreading to different parts of your home. We utilize either a delicate shuddered brush or a special fabric to brush away the spores for the underlying cleaning procedure.
  • Cleansing: Our leaners then utilize a mild cleanser solution with warm water and pour it into a little plastic container. After that, they wipe down the whole leather surface, including its inside, utilizing a sponge or soft wipe doused with the solution. We utilize a different fabric that is soaked in plain water to wipe it away for any foamy buildup. We then place the furniture where there is plenty of air dry. To accelerate the drying process, we use fans and dryers to help dry the leather quicker. We need the leather surface to be completely dry before we can continue to the following stages.
  • Termination of Spores: The cleaners then use a special blend of eco-friendly chemicals wiped over the leather surface utilizing a soft fabric. Once this has been applied thoroughly, they allow the furniture to dry again.
  • Reconditioning the Leather: The elimination of the mold is just the initial step. You can’t just dry the leather furniture once you get rid of the mold and start using it again. Leather is a natural material that contains oil, and it needs appropriate conservation. If you disregard this fact, you can end up with broken or cracked surfaces on the upholstery. That is why it is vital to have some leather conditioning treatment before you begin reusing your leather furniture. Reconditioning assists with restoring the flexible touch, protecting its surface, and making it look more natural.